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Teaching can include: Theory, tunes, style, emotions, improvisation, connection, coaching..

Prefered styles: Klezmer, Arabic, Bulgarian, Roumanian, Gypsy Jazz, Breton, French trad, Irish trad, Xoro, Classical (short piece), Jazz, Indian, Movie track, etc. Any style possible ! (please ask before ordering weird or complex stuff!)

Online classes : I teach tunes through a slow + fast video recording of the tune, and score with ornementations. You can either choose a style or specific tune (please send me youtube link or mp3).
I can also provide advices on style, ornementations, scales used in this tune and workflow on improving it. After you have worked on the video, i will give you feedback on your playing through a 30min skype session.

Residencies in Brittany : At some periods of the year I welcom students to come for a residency in my place in Brittany by the sea. It can be 2 days to 1 month, from 1 to 5 hours teaching per day. Students can work on their own for the rest of the day. If you are interested for a residency please send me an email for a quote depending your interests  DYYLAAN AT YAHOO DOT FR

Possible extra extras (please ask)
=> Backing track to increase your motivation to play
=> 10 tunes & Skype classes
=> Skype coaching to master various clarinet styles, record albums or find gigs

You can find basic pricing/order form here: http://dylangully.com/store?id=2644

If you are interested in future workshops please
email me, or enter your email here:

Free tune video/skype teaching


You can get a free tune video/skype teaching:
(coming soon, please come back!)

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