Turkish Coçek (Zetadâm Trio @ Ucc)
Zetadam Trio performing 'Turkish coçek' at Aula Maxima in UCC Cork City Friday 2nd October 2015.

Zetadam are:
Dylan Gully - Clarinet
Joseph Detailleur - Accordion
Pauline Willerval - Gadulka
Bourrée des grands chemins (Żetadâm Trio @ St Péran)
From the Live CD:
Chutes - Live à l'Eglise de St-Péran - septembre 2014
Bourrée des grands chemins (Pauline Willerval / Żetadâm Trio)
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El Din - Surf the River lee (Txütxükan, 2013)
El Din - Surf the River Lee - Txütxükan (2013, Wild Boar Music)
Playlist Txütxükan:

Bruno Hollemaert: Accordion, Banjo - Dylan Gully: Clarinet, kaval - Eric Belot: Double Bass -Joachim Mouflin: Daf, rik, derbouka -Joseph Detailleur: Bouzouki
+ Guest Stella Rodrigues: Gamelan

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Ebony bridge - Clarinet meets Irish music
Matt Griffin on Guitar,
Dylan Gully on Clarinet,
Stella Rodrigues on Fiddle,
Martin Tourish on Piano accordion,

About Ebony Bridge:

"Paotred an Dreujenn Goal" (Friends of clarinet) wanted to make this challenge: find or found an Irish music band with clarinet for their next International gathering of trad clarinet in Brittany, (Rencontres internationales de la clarinette populaire), to build the BRIDGE between clarinet and irish music!

This video was shot after a 10 days residency in Brittany in November 2012.
The band is currently recording an album that should be released by 2016.
Pas d'nom Pas d'maison - Tavos Devla
Tavos Devla - from the album:
Barrons des Bennes - Pas d'nom pas d'maison, 2012

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Za Ucha Balkan Rock - Gugutka // Гугутка
Gugutka - Za Ucha BALKAN ROCK (Live 2012)
Гугутка - За Уча Балкан рок
Song from Bulgaria - от Булгариа
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Lazik - Ridée 6 temps / Gankino horo
Ridée 6 temps followed by a traditional Gankino Horo
Lazik - Far Fetched

Barry O Donovan - Guitar ; Christelle Moisan - Flute ; Dylan Gully - Clarinet ; George Norman - Mandoline ; Mark Wilkins - Bass, percussions ; Stella Rodrigues - Violin ; Tom Fanore - Percussions ; Yvonne Leahy - Violin

Recorded in Cork

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